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I'm a London based photographer, originally from Northern Ireland and I have been taking photographs (and painting, originally,) for as long as I can remember. Although everyday life prevented me from making photography a career, I have recently found time to turn to it again and in particular, I've had time to travel.  My travel to some incredible places, hiking, trekking and wild camping in parts of the Himalayas, Andes and Caucasus has completely re-invigorated my passion for photography. These experiences, and many more since,  have led to a fascination with wild and remote places and the people who live in them; how people manage to survive almost anywhere and how they adapt their lives to these beautiful but very harsh environments.  This has since extended to an interest in industrial and urban landscapes closer to home and how 'made' development impacts all our lives.  I am currently working on a long term project called ‘Corridor’ documenting life, change and growth alongside arterial routes out of the City as well as a project on the effects of tourism on the landscapes of previously rural or undeveloped areas (Playgrounds - Manipulated Landscapes).  

I have exhibited work in London with London Independent Photography, Shutterhub and the Royal Photographic Society as well as at local colleges, coffee shops etc. and I sell some prints privately, on request.

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E- mail@frankiemcallister.com


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