I'm a London based photographer originally from Northern Ireland, and my photographic practice sits somewhere on the convergence of fine art and documentary photography. Some of the work is representational, recording what I see and following my interests in the everyday and 'our' effect on the environment.  Other less literal work allows room for the exploration of the feelings behind the images and for my imagination. The consistent thread running through all the work though is an affinity with the thoughtful, perhaps melancholy, aspects of life. Whether landscape or still life, the mood is what attracts me and what I attempt to reflect;  quiet, contemplative, but most of all, real. I am drawn to the well-worn, the flowers past their best or the food already half eaten, the abandoned landscapes or places out of season. There is a poignance in these scenes that always resonates.  I suppose, because I'm an introvert, I am more interested in the underside of things and the way things feel rather than just how they look.   I like to stand apart, as an outsider, observing the low key elements of life and nature, to see the way landscapes are shaped; how they can be changed, adapted or eroded by us, the evidence of how we live and how outside events shape our lives. Essentially, I’m drawn to the contemplative, and to images that give me cause to think and to feel, to life in a minor key. 

I photograph rural, urban, managed and tourist landscapes at home and abroad and have developed a number of series’ about places I have travelled to. More lately, as a response to the first COVID lockdown, I created a project called Vivarium, a series of abstract landscapes created from combining archive images with images of found textures collected from daily exercise walks around my urban neighbourhood, taken as part of a photo-diary. 

I am also trying to bring to a conclusion a personal project called Two Way Mirror.  This is an exercise in ‘going against the grain’. It’s a series about the experience of invisibility, which is so often a part of the everyday life of an introvert, and an attempt to express what is normally, instinctively, concealed.


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