I'm a London based photographer, originally from Northern Ireland. My photographic practice sits somewhere on the fringes between landscape and documentary photography.

The initial inspiration for my work was travel and landscape but now, the wider context has come to mean more than the simple aesthetic alone. A consistent thread running through the work is an awareness of the environment, in particular, the fine balance between the competing needs of population, industry and ecology. I work with industrial, urban, managed or touristic landscapes at home and abroad.  I still love to travel, getting swept up in the stories of the places I visit and documenting them where I can.

Current projects include:-

'Corridor’ documenting life, change and growth alongside arterial routes out of the City.

'Manipulated Landscapes - Playgrounds' , a project about the effects of tourism (principally winter tourism) on      the landscapes of fragile or rural areas.

I have exhibited work in the Netherlands and France and in London with London Independent Photography, Shutterhub, Photofusion, The Brunswick Gallery and the Royal Photographic Society as well as at smaller local outlets ,and I sell some prints privately, on request. A 'Print Shop' page is in development.


fLIP Magazine, Dec 2019 - "Pilgrimage as an act of resistance

Aesthetica Magazine Summer edition

fLIP Magazine, Dec 2018 - Lives Interrupted'

Vogue Italia Photographers online Gallery

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