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I'm a London based photographer, originally from Northern Ireland and I have been taking photographs (and painting, initially) for as long as I can remember, although the demands of everyday life and making a living prevented me from making photography a career. More recently though, I have had time to take it up again and I have also had the time to travel - the two have worked together to reinvigorate my photographic practice and the experiences I've had travelling, the places I've seen and the people I have met, have lead to a fascination with wild and remote areas and those who live in them.  People really do manage to survive almost anywhere but because of the way our fragile environment is changing, those who live in the more sensitive and marginal areas of the world are having to react and adapt, constantly, to new and ever more extreme challenges the environment places on them.  This has developed into an interest in industrial and urban landscapes closer to home and how 'made' development impacts all our lives as well as the continuous conflict between the competing needs of population, industry and ecology.  I am currently working on a long term project called ‘Corridor’ documenting life, change and growth alongside arterial routes out of the City as well as a project on the effects of tourism on the landscapes of previously rural or undeveloped areas (Playgrounds - Manipulated Landscapes) and continue to travel documenting the stories of the places I visit.


I have exhibited work in the Netherlands and France and in London with London Independent Photography, Shutterhub, Photofusion and the Royal Photographic Society as well as at local colleges, coffee shops etc. and I sell some prints privately, on request.


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