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A long gestation

My 'Work In Progress' project Dividing Lines (my Irish border project) is still going, there's even a small extract on this site. I've done talks on it, I've shared images, but I haven't got to where I want with it and I'm still working within the discipline of using the images I have already, not going back to Ireland to shoot new work. This started as a Lockdown necessity, but now it's become a personal challenge. So - how do you say what you want to say? How do you get your concept across, with a finite body of work using images that were taken with other purposes in mind? Answer: It's difficult!

It's forced me to really hone down the core concept, my fundamental feeling about the subject - the essential incongruity at the heart of the situation which is that of the artificiality of carving up a landscape, of making one side of a division different from the other, of making an artificial construction on what is natural. I will update from time to time, to keep me on the straight and narrow.

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