Frankie McAllister - contemporary photographer

I'm a London based photographer, originally from Northern Ireland and my photographic practice sits somewhere on the convergence of fine art and documentary photography. I have always taken photographs of some kind or other, and my initial inspiration was travel and landscape. Nowadays though, the wider context has come to mean more to me than the simple aesthetic alone and I prefer to create series’ with an idea or a situation or story behind them.  A consistent thread running through what I do is an awareness of the impact and signs of human life on the environment, of politics and, in particular, the fine balance between the competing needs of people, industry and ecology. I approach these from a personal and/or emotional point of view and so I am continually exploring ways of representing these ideas.




The consistent thread running through all the work though is an affinity with the thoughtful, perhaps melancholy, aspects of life. Whether landscape or still life, the mood is what attracts me and what I attempt to reflect;  quiet, contemplative, but most of all, real. I am drawn to the well-worn, the flowers past their best or the food already half eaten,  the abandoned landscapes or places out of season, the underside of things.

There is a poignance in these scenes that always resonates, I suppose because as an introvert, I am more interested in the feelings of things rather than just how they look, and in being an outside observer of the small realities of life.  I like to notice the way landscapes are shaped by weather, by man, or by time, and to observe how they can be changed or eroded; to observations of  life in a minor key.

During lockdown, I was able to spend time creating different types of series, in still life (Stilled Lives) and interiors (The Passage of a Day), and a semi-street/documentary series ‘Closed for Business’ of images taken of the interiors of shops, hotels and restaurants shut down under Lockdown 3. All very different but still reflecting my personal perspective.

Publications and Online Galleries

fLIP Magazine December 2020 – Solitary (Feature: Ethics in Travel Photography)

fLIP Magazine December 2020 – Solitary (cover)

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Exhibitions and Awards 2019/20

ND Awards 2020 – Honourable mention

Chromatic Awards 2020- Honourable mention

London Independent Photography Covid Chronicles Online exhibition Nov 2020

Aesthetica Magazine/Printswap, Exhibition Foley Gallery New York

Festival Pil'Ours, Shutterhub, St Gilles Croix de Vie

​RPS Print Exhibition, Lauderdale House, Feb 2020

Chromatic Awards – Bronze 2019

ND Awards 2019 – Honourable mention

Short listed for British Photography Awards 2020

Salon 19, Photofusion 2019

'Everyday Delight' - Free Space Project for Shutterhub, 2019

International Photography Awards, honourable mention 2019

London Independent Photography 31st Annual Show, 2019

'Home' Ealing BEAT, the Rickyard, 2019

‘Art on a Postcard’ Artists Charity auction, Spitalfields

'Home' Gallery at Home, Monmouthshire, 2019

'Time to Think, Festival Pil'ours, St Gilles croix de Vie,France 2019

'Thought Atlas, Espacio Gallery, 2019

'Street/Form' POW!WOW!, Rotterdam, 2019

'Factual Enigma', CLIP, Espacio Gallery 2019,

RPS Print Exhibition,  Lauderdale House, 2019

Shutterhub Open, 5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam, 2019