Corridor – a small extract from an ongoing project about the routes in and out of a city, the places we drive or ride or float past, the roads, tracks and waterways that cut through everything; where industrial and commercial developments rub shoulders with suburban housing and where the settled and the domesticated come up hard against the  commercial, the transient and the hostile.

These locations are constantly changing, they’re places of building and development enclosing islands of modest residential streets; they are the areas where the mundane business of a city gets done – the garages and auto shops, the small factories and warehouses, the storage depots and haulage depots, the bakeries and laundries, the small makeshift cafes and small service business, the lonely bus stops and the over/underpasses on roads that are far too busy ever to cross directly.

These areas have their own eco system, their own life, but remain essentially, anonymous and reproducible in nearly every city.

© 2020 by Frankie McAllister
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