Weekend by the Sea - Deal, Kent (or Shoreditch on Sea)

Had a quick weekend away down in Deal - I don't know the Kent coast well and had a hankering to go and see. First impressions, what an interesting place - it's a proper small town, scruffy straggling bits and very picturesque old central bit plus everything in between. The centre is full of narrow streets of lovely Georgian houses, they morph into larger Victorians as they spread out changing yet again into much larger 30s houses in the outskirts. It's a pleasure to see so many independent shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants in a place and although there is a regular everyday part of the high Street for normal shopping, it's very un-corporate generally. We clocked up visits to a fair old range of pubs and cafes over the weekend, not one of which was a chain and all of them were very different from one another. We watched the fishermen casting their lines over the concrete pier on the Saturday afternoon, the lifeboat team were out on manouevres, people in the town centre Church were collecting for something and there was a small market on, selling second hand furniture and collectables as well as local produce and food. Will definitely go back and will publish my list of places visited as soon as I can check all the names!

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