A trip to Greenland; staying at Illulisat, and Oquaatsut: this trip to Greenland was a long held ambition– it’s an expensive place both to get to and to stay in so this was an indulgence to mark a big birthday.  Although loving hot  countries, I’ve recently started to really enjoy the cold wintry places too, loving the snow and the ice and weather that is at least predictably cold, so that you know what to wear and what to prepare for.  Therefore, it had to be Greenland in winter - in February – crisp, freezing and clear (-18), with light winds that made it much colder still.  I was also in search of that magical pink ‘arctic glow’, the pale shell pink  you see at dusk and dawn, both delicate and atmospheric.

Here is a small selection of images – we had both blindingly bright freezing weather and grey moody snowy weather, fragile pink and steely blue, brightly coloured houses and dark grey rock as well as sunsets in orange and turquoise and sunrises in bright blue and mauve. Truly a remarkable wonderful place to visit.  The images are from Illulisat, Disko Bay and Oquaatsut Inuit settlement.

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